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Olivia o Co Agave Aloe Large A natural scent with green notes and the sweetness of agave and aloe. 50h 149:-
Olivia o Co Amber Woods Large Bring yourself out for a joyful walk in the pinewood forrest 50h 149:-
Olivia o Co Berry Tempation Large Tempting sun ripened black and red raspberries, wild strawberries and fruit mixed together perfectly... 149:-
Olivia o Co Chilled Sangria Large The sensation of a late summer evening with cool sangria, tropical fruits and citrus notes. 50h 149:-
Olivia o Co Clean Water Large A fresh and bracing scent of clean water.   50hours 149:-
Olivia o Co Coconut Lime Large Emerge yourself with the memories of a tropical vacation, creamy coconut and fresh key limes 50h 149:-
Olivia o Co Jasmine Large A clean and sensual fragrance of the lovely jasmine flower 50h 149:-
Olivia o Co Pear Sandalwood Large A warm and woody aroma which bring your mind to musky sandalwood with a trace of white fresh pears ... 149:-
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